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First Meet Forest of Dean 2001    The Crowd at Elan Valley 2001      Lamont Ian and Bob Daytona 2001

March 2001 Ian LaPrez and Bobbievalk meet with Lamont at Daytona Bike Week in the USA
We discuss with Lamont starting The Valkyrie Riders Cruiser Club United Kingdom Chapter
we have his blessing and support for our venture The VRCC UK , so that's when it all began
On our return to the UK Ian set about opening our first VRCC UK Website
We had not met any other Valkyrie riders at this time  but we had  a few email addresses for some  owners in Wales and another Steve in Bristol . It was then decided we advertise our first rideout , this was to The Forest Of Dean in Gloucestershire , we arranged to meet at The Forest of Dean Steam Railway . we had around 9 Valkyries turn up , and we all met for the first time , the rest as they say is history
Soon we had more members joining us , some at that time did not have Valkyries but soon they realised  how good a motorcycle the Valkyrie was and it wasn't long before they purchased their own.In them early days it was nothing to have around 18 Valkyries out on a sunday ride and we rode most sundays
We started going abroad for weekend trips and holidays as a group , here met  other Valkyrie Riders and VRCC Clubs throughout Europe , we met good friends and I am proud to say they all remain good friends to this day
September 2003 was to be our turn to organise VRCC UK's first event , VRCC UK Euromeet, it was held at the Holiday Inn in Newport , this was a super event the weather was kind in as much we had a mini heatwave , our Italian Friends brought with them heavy sweaters to keep out the UK  cold , but it was warmer in Wales than it was in Milan for that weekend
2005 was our second Euromeet this time it was Carmarthen and another great event held in Wales . In 2007 it was The Lakes , held in The Lake District Cumbria , a taste of Northern England for our intrepid travelers from across Europe , and I'm sure they were not disapointed . 2008 it was The Meeting of Friends Aberporth West Wales , this time a smaller event than held  before but we enjoyed  so much we went back again to Aberporth for The Meeting of Friends The Return 2009
2011 saw our 10 year anniversary ,the first celebration was The Midlands Bash at East Carlton Park Northamptonshire in August ,  then in september it was the big 10 year party Event The Meeting of Friends Llangollen 2011 , 2 great Party's to Celebrate a Great Club with Great Friends


In 2012 the first Event was The Donyatt Ding Dong together with the Big Six Club in Donyatt Sommerset , then back to Llangollen once more for The Olympic Event , this time it was held in July , another great weekend spent with friends. August Dragons in The Park Transport Gala at East Carlton Park Northampton where Rain almost stopped play but all enjoyed themselves none the less

and VRCCUK hosted a Club Stand again at The West Wales Motorcycle Show in Carmarthen we won best Club Stand and numerous Prizes for our bikes on show

Later in the year VRCCUK hosted a Club Stand at the BMF Tail End Show Peterborough

again Best Club Stand ,you can't beat these Valkyries

2013 Started with The 3rd Great Northen Meet in April , we returned to The Lake District and as luck would have it the weather was kind to us , it snowed the weeks before but cleared just in time.

Return of The Mac's London Tour as the name suggests we toured London in the capable hands of our Tour Guide Dave Mac,a spectacle to behold as the Valks descended on London on a sunny April Saturday.

The Donyatt Ding Dong was again in May and another great weekend. June saw the Summer Solstice Run and some of us went to Raalte in The Netherlands for The Benelux Weekend.

August was Dragons in The Park in Corby , a good Rideout and as usual another great Event

The Welsh Lads had a Club Stand at The West Wales Motorcycle Show at Carmarthen , again taking Best Club Stand and other Awards.

This years Hi Lite was held at Torquay , we had Dragons on The Moor Ride through Dartmoor and a Custom Show was held for us on the Sea Front , another succesful weekend with Friends.

Mick Manchester Hosted a Ride to France in October and before we knew it the Year had Ended

2014 Started in April with The 4th Great Northern Meet , this year it was at The Quality Hotel Selby Fork near Leeds , Hosted by John McFall , Andy Turnton & Glenn Brammall.The Rideout took the participants through North and East Yorkshire visiting Whitby for Lunch,another great start to 2014.

In June it was the VRCCUK's turn to Host The 8th European Inzane,this Event was held at The Hinckley Island Hotel Leicestershire.We had Participants from all over Europe and 3 from USA.

There were 2 Rideouts The 1st was on the Friday to Bruntingthorpe Airfield for a BBQ,our guests had the chance to have their Bikes photographed along side Cold War Jets.The 2nd Rideout on the Saturday was to The Heritage Motor Museum at Gaydon

The Friday Night Entertainment was The Great Pretender a Freddie Mercury Tribute who had everyone on their feet singing dancing

August was Dragons in The Park at Corby,for The Transport Gala,run as usual by Jim Stewart and another successful meeting,with a great Rideout as part of the activities


September VRCCUK had a Club Stand at Japfest held at The Haines Museum Sparkford where again all the Valkyries on show was a real attraction

2015 again the first Event was The 5th Great Northern Meet,Hosted again by our Northern Crew this year it was held at The Ibis Chesterfield North and the Rideout took us through the Derbyshire Dales. Again our Guy's did us proud with the Organisation and stunning scenery of the Dales


It was May and The Donyatt Ding Dong in Somerset,Hosted by Mick Ions a popular Event this with a chance to get your tents out.


June some of our Members travelled to France for The 9th European Inzane,another great Event and a chance to ride in the French Alps


August and it was Jim Stewart's turn to Host the Annual Dragons in The Park Event at Corby, again well attended and another successful event and a favourite with our Members


September it was VRCCUK on The Cliff's Edge , held at The Cliff Hotel in Cardigan West Wales Participants enjoyed the spectacular Welsh Coast and Pembrokeshire . Entertainment was endured by Guests as Members performed on a Country Music and Fancy Dress Night



October , Dave Martin ,Zorba, organised a Club Stand at The Copdock Motorcycle Show, a spectacular VRCCUK Club Stand was a real attraction at this great Event and plans are in motion to attend next years Show

Now we look to the future............


Collage euromeet 2003 Collage euromeet carmarthen 05Collage lakes 2007

Euromeet Newport 2003                        Euromeet Carmarthen 2005               The LakeDistrict 2003 and 2007

Collage Dragons in the Park Collage mof 2009Collage llangollen 2011

Meeting of Friends Aberporth 2008      Meeting of Friends Aberporth 2009          Meeting of Friends Llangollen 2011

LLangollen 2012 Collagetorquay pic Collage1

VRCCUK Llangollen 2012     VRCCUK Torquay 2013

The beginning of Valkyrie Riders Cruiser Club UK
Ian Jones - aka La Prez

Back in 1998, I came across a website called VRCC, it was an American website for Honda Valkyrie Motorcycle. At the time I never owned a Valkyrie myself, but a good friend Robert Gibbons, aka Bobbievalk did. Surfing through the website I found a link to join the VRCC, so I signed Bob up as a member.

With my curiosity for the Valkyrie motorcycle I kept on searching for more information and I kept my friend Bob informed about all the events and things going on.

One day we were watching a video of Daytona Bike Week, and we decided that we would make arrangements to go in March 2001. Through the VRCC US we found out that they were holding a Custom Valkyrie show with a prize of $20.000 during the Daytona Bike Week.

I got in contact with VRCC members in Daytona Beach area about our planned trip to Daytona Bike Week. In a few weeks I had established a close connection with some members and we had great help from Biker Fred arranging our trip as well as La Mont, who was one of the founding members of the VRCC No 1. We were invited to meet up at The Sunshine Plaza upon arrival along with all the VRCC members. Before we left for our trip we made a few polo shirts with the Welsh and American flags on, we were ready to get to know our new friends in Daytona!

A warm welcome in the US
On arrival to Daytona Beach we checked in with the Dave and Lynda Hands ex British Pat's at the Ocean Court Motel located on South Daytona Beach Shores. What a place! I was so excited to be there I lost my voice! Bob had found this motel perfect for our visit from a previous trip with his family. I have to add that if you are heading out to Daytona Beach this is without a doubt this is the place to stay, everyone here is so helpful, and you get the best of welcome every time you visit.

The next morning we were off to meet the members and our new friends of the VRCC. We went to the Sunshine Plaza as planned, and never in my life have I seen so many Valkyrie Motorcycles together in one place, they were everywhere. All kinds, Interstate Tourers, Trikes and Custom Bikes. We had a look around and had good conversations with many of the members of the VRCC. Then we got to meet La Mont, Hal and his son from Honda Directline store. We introduced ourselves and got a lot of information about the upcoming event.

The idea of VRCC UK
After a long day and getting to know our new friends of the VRCC US, I launched the idea of starting a similar club in the UK for La Mont. I wanted to start out by making a website that was a part of the VRCC in the US. The response was without doubt very positive! La Mont was eager to give me all the help I needed and promised to support me throughout the whole process Well, that was it, the VRCC UK was born with all the best wishes from our VRCC USA friends!

After about 10 days in Daytona spending time at the show in Daytona Speedway, having fun with new biker friends and enjoying being a part of the Valkyrie family in the US, Bob and I had to return home to Wales. Back home I could not believe that I had seen so many Custom Valkyries in my life. It seemed that in the UK there are only a few running around, as most bikers here rides Sports bikes.

VRCC UK becomes a reality
Back home in Wales I started to look into my new project, how to get the VRCC UK into cyberspace. It was not much help to get from my friend Bob, he hardly knew how to turn on a computer at that time, but he was and still is a very good event organizer, so he was better off taking care of that part.

Hours of thinking and many sleepless nights I finally managed to get the VRCC UK of the ground and built the website. To get the website out on the internet I needed a domain and a web hotel to host it. All Valkyrie Riders Cruiser Clubs have a free membership, and before we even got our UK club going the expenses started to roll up? In spirit of the VRCC US we had to keep the UK chapter at no cost too.

The big day was 15th February 2001. We could finally present Valkyrie Riders Cruiser Club UK on the internet! The hours and hours of waiting for the website t upload through a dial up connection paid off! We were online! Then I started the work on how to make our website become a top search on google and other search engines.

Our first ride out as VRCC UK!
Our next step was to arrange a ride out. Bob and I decided that we needed to get the word out so that we could see who turned up, if any? I updated the website with a meeting in the Forest of Dean.

We were surprised how many turned up, there were about 8 bikes on our first ride out. It turned out to be a great day having fun with fellow bikers. Back home I uploaded some photos from the day.

The ball starts rolling
As the days and weeks went by we started to arrange other local meetings in South Wales, and then all over the UK. I found out that there were other VRCC sites in Europe having similar meetings too! I got so excited and started to contact them. My first call was to the VRCC Italy, Silvano was the webmaster, and we got chatting about the club etc. VRCC Italy held a meeting at the Italian Lakes and we decided with some other friends to fly to this meeting and see our Italian brothers. Well we had a blast to say the least, the weather was good to us, it was hot as hell! But we did not worry as the beer was cold! I met up with Silvano and many other Italian friends like Mr Grapper, Cloudio, Mario Moto and more.

So that was my first ever meet with our VRCC family in Europe, and that started the ball rolling?

We wanted to visit other VRCC European countries. There was one member that was made our VRCC UK European officer, Steve B. Unknown to us at the time, Steve and his wife Glynis had visited many VRCC meetings in the VRCC World before they met the VRCC UK.
In 2003 we all went to the VRCC Benelux meeting in Heerlen. We had a great time again with the best of welcome from all there. I also met up with Marvin from Eurowing, he was very helpful to the VRCC community. He tried to visit every event that the VRCC Europe put on, buy bringing his big American pick-up truck and trailer that he worked out off. He sold all the chrome goodies, lights, seats etc. You name it, Marvin would have it, or he would get it for you. He was of great help to the VRCC in Europe as he never charged anyone for him to attend their meetings.

Our first VRCC UK meeting in Wales
After some time many of the European members that I met traveling started to ask me if we were going to arrange a VRCC UK meeting. It was decided to have our very first ever meeting in 2003 in Newport South Wales.

Well you can you imagine all the work involved to pull this event off? We had numbers of meetings to sort out all the necessary work and discuss the issues that were arising, and the biggest was off course the money to get this of the ground! But in the end we managed to go through with a very successful meeting! Thanks to all that helped out!

An how can I ever forget the Nude ride out? My god that was fun! Even Bob was there with his Hi Viz, looking proud, as he stood by his beloved Valkyrie. The stories go on and on and probably will for a long time in the future as well?

International meetings over the years


2000    Italy Lake Garda - Austria Mariazzell
2001... Italy Lago Di Egli Estensi - Austria - Germany
2002... Germany - Benelux Heerlen - Austria Hopfgarten -
2003... UK Newport - Norway Rodberg - Italy Lago d' Iseo - France Paris - Benelux Heerlen - Germany
2004... Germany Luben - Austria Vienna
2005... Germany Hassfurt - UK Carmarthen
2006... Ireland - Belgium Chat Weekend  Genk - Germany Gifhorn - Austria Graz
2007... Inzane 1 Poland Karpacz - UK Lake District
2008... Inzane 2 Germany Braunschweig - Austria Feldkirch - UK Aberporth
2009... Inzane 3 France - Belgium Houffalize - UK Aberporth

2010... Inzane 4 Finland Kouvola - Austria Schlogen - Ireland

2011... Inzane 5 Sweden - Germany Mohnesee – UK Llangollen

2012 Inzane 6 Czech Republic Sumava - UK Llangollen - Austria Schlogen

2013    Netherlands Raalte - Inzane 7 Poland Kadove Zdroj - Czech Republic Moravia - Italy - Austria - UK Torquay


Thank you!
It has been a great to be a part of the VRCC UK since the very beginning. The meetings and the rides, with good friends, for many years.

I am happy to have been able to make the VRCC UK known by others through this website since 2001. Even if I have only touched a small part of the things that we have done in the VRCC UK. We have had many laughs and arguments over the years to keep this website going for all the members out there to enjoy, and be part of.

On this website you can see and read about the VRCC from the very beginning, but to keep yourself updated on the future events please check out the VRCC UK group on Facebook and the new website Bob has had done.

I would like to say thank you to you all that I have met and the ones who has contacted me through the VRCC UK website. I am hanging my riding boots up and calling it a day after all these years, as I don't have the time due to keep this website up to date because of working in Europe most of the time. I wish you all the best of luck and maybe I will meet up with you some time in the future, who knows. Once a biker, always a biker?

Ride safe out there my friends..
It's been great fun!

The Webmaster...2001 to 2011
Ian Jones
aka La Prez



Tony was a part of the VRCCUK from it's infancy

and had a big role to play within the Club


He had a knack of welcoming New Members in an entertaining

although sometimes peculiar way


He made everyone feel at home within the Valkyrie Club


So many of our members have said it was Tony and Dianne who were the first to make them welcome into our midst and they will always be thankful to both of them for the warmth and friendship they received


Always willing to lend a hand at VRCC Events

Tony enjoyed Testing new Routes

and Riding the many Back Roads with The Gang

although not all of Bob's Back Roads


On Rideout's He was always there helping to herd us all together

and ensuring no one was left behind


He was humorous and enjoyed teasing people

and making fun of the situations we found ourselves in

and there were many funny situations we found ourselves in


Tony will never be forgotten

He was , and will always be , a part of VRCC UK


And as we Ride Today , and in the Future , we will not Ride alone


Tony will always be in your Rear View Mirror Riding beside you